The Best Season for Window Replacement

Windows can technically be bought and installed at any time of year, but there is an ideal season for home window replacement: Fall. The team at Atlanta Glass Repair has helped homeowners throughout Metro Atlanta replace their windows in every season, and we know from our combined 80 years of experience that the other months of the year just can’t compare to those of autumn. 

Product Cost 

One thing many homeowners looking to replace their windows don’t consider is: You don’t have to install your new windows at the same time that you purchase your home window replacements. Even if you don’t plan on replacing your windows in the fall, you should still consider buying them at this time of year to save on costs.

Why? Well, that’s when you’re most likely to score a deal. Since Fall isn’t the peak season for projects like these (that tends to be Summer and Spring), manufacturers and suppliers are usually offering some solid deals on their products. Plus, they’re probably trying to reach sales quotas and goals before the slow season begins in Winter. To that end, if you’re looking to save money or replace your windows on a budget, you should consider purchasing your windows soon.

Installation Cost and Convenience 

As we mentioned above, you don’t technically have to replace your windows the second you buy new ones, but the fact is you are likely to save money on your home window replacement in autumn compared to other times of the year. As we mentioned, fall isn’t the busiest season for contractors in most cases, so installation teams may also be offering some great deals on their services. Similarly, the window replacement team at Atlanta Glass Repair is readily available to replace windows in the fall.

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